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27. května 2016 v 23:51 | Haily |  Deník
I have to yet experience that special connection between lovers that thousands years of literature forces us to believe in. Is it even right to be this obsessed with an idea of someone making our lifes so much better? Someone being that missing piece? Our perfect other half?

How could that even be real?

I think we can be whole without having a partner. By just being us, by sharing our lifes with our friends, family. Why do we, as a society, believe in one person being so special that they could replace the love and support our family and friends give us?

I'm not dismissing the idea of, you know, the One. I do believe in that click, when you just know. When you just know, that this person will hold such importance in your life, that this person will have a huge impact on your life choices, that you will always value their opinions and share all your fears and dreams with at 4 in the morning after having way too many giggle fits.

But why just one person? Or more importantly, why just one at once and why on a level of a romantic and sexual relationship? My friends are like that and they worth much more. I do not like the idea of someone meaning more that everyone I know and love. I'm grateful for many things in life, but friendship, companionship, family, these are the ones, I would never let go.

I feel supported. I feel loved. I feel understood. I may put my trust in too many people, I may be clingy sometimes and then too cold, too far away, I have my flaws and so do my friends, but when it comes to true friendship it does not matter. Because some mistakes will be addressed, some will be overlooked, but you won't be alone while sorting them out. Even if you are alone in your room with scary thoughts flowing through your mind, even if you haven't talked to anyone in days, just the knowledge that there are people, who you can lean on, who will listen, that makes life so much more worth it.

I don't understand how there can be more than this? What more do you want? And why do you want it just from that special someone?

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